About Angela, Founder


I am a wife and mother of three beautiful daughters. I have been married almost 20 years and married my high school sweetheart. After many years of trying to start a family, we were led to foster children in 2003. We had fostered a little boy for over a year and sent him home. We have partnered with his family and remain a big part of his life 14 years later seeing him a few times a month. He has blessed our family and proven that partnering with birth parents and remaining in contact is a true blessing to all. 

During that time, we decided to adopt internationally from Guatemala while continuing to foster. We brought home our daughter at seven months old in 2004.

One month after she was home we were pregnant with a bio child. Our second daughter was born prematurely at 29 weeks and spent a long four months in the hospital. After that, we closed our home and focused on the two blessings we had.

After many years, we knew we wanted to help children and families again and decided to start the foster care journey again in 2011. We were placed with a precious little girl at six months old in 2012. She became our forever daughter 3 1/2  later.



...families needed more support. As I talked to other foster and adoptive families, I knew it was something we must start.


During that time, working with families on the same foster care journey, I saw a need for a clothing closet. Kids come into care usually with the clothes on their back and all hours of the day and night.

The families needed more support. As I talked to other foster and adoptive families, I knew it was something we must start.

I started out small and had totes in my garage.

It was 10-15 totes, and over three years it became over 175 totes sorted by size. I continued to serve nine counties with anything they needed. Parking in my garage was no longer something I worried about. It became full of totes, car seats, beds, swings, and just about anything else a kid could use.

I worked with five ladies to help me deliver as far as Frankfort, and they are still a huge part of this ministry today. This past summer, we held a shopping day at my house, and everyone came and shopped out of totes. And all FREE!!

After that, I knew there was more and more need and more people wanting to help.

I wanted to take it on the road via a trailer and a long-term dream of a store. Well, a very generous man offered a store and here we are!!!!

After partnering with Jen my Co-Founder we turned this into a non-profit and decided to include more people to help as where before it was just word of mouth donations.


We appreciate the support in making this dream a reality for the children.